What is Mediation?

Mediation is an informal, voluntary process that employs an impartial person, the mediator, to facilitate negotiations between disputing parties, in an effort to reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

Mediation creates a "win-win" atmosphere in which the parties work voluntarily toward an agreement which becomes the resolution of their dispute. It allows the parties to maintain control over the process and of the agreement finally reached. With the assistance of a skilled and experienced mediator, the process works well in all types of disputes. It is especially suited to those disputes between parties who may have a continuing future relationship.


Success of Mediation

Disputes submitted to the mediation services of Just Resolutions enjoy a better than 95% success rate. This is due in part to the expert guidance provided the parties by J. Justin Ripley. Primarily however, the successes enjoyed by clients of Just Resolutions are a result of the actual mediation process wherein parties are able to have candid, open discussions with the mediator, thereby maintaining control of the settlement process. The resolution of the dispute is a mutually agreeable decision reached by the parties themselves.

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