Common Questions

Q. Is Just Resolutions Still Serving Alaska full time?
A. Functionally, yes. We are never farther away than our Anchorage telephone number (907)274-5406!
True, we have the "satellite" office outside Seattle.
True, grandparenting obligations and opportunities increase with time.
True, now that the hips are renewed, we plan to see a bit more of the state, the country and the world.
However, we remain anxious to accommodate your needs. Visit our online calendar for planning dates. Remember, if you don't see the dates you need, please call or email to see whether we can flex to accommodate you.
Q. Does Just Resolutions require any briefing prior to conference?
A. Briefs are optional. If submitted, they are due not later than two days prior to the date of the conference. They may be hand-delivered to: The Mail Cache, 3705 Arctic Blvd, #2294, Anchorage, Alaska. This address is for briefing materials only. All other mail goes to our 3705 Arctic Blvd #2294, Anchorage, AK 99503 please.
Q. Will Just Resolutions do conferences on weekends?
A. Yes.
Q. Will Just Resolutions travel outside of Anchorage?
A. Yes. Please visit our fee schedule page for details on costs.
Q. Where do the mediations and arbitrations occur?
A. Wherever the parties agree, usually at one or the other of their offices. Sometimes conference rooms at hotels are reserved.
Q. Does Just Resolutions handle domestic relation disputes?
A. Rarely. Customarily we refer requests regarding domestic relations disputes to other practitioners who handle them.
Q. What kinds of cases lend themselves to mediation?
A. Any dispute where all the participants are willing to sit down and attempt to reach a mutually satisfying compromise.
Q. Is it necessary to have an attorney to participate in a mediation?
A. In general terms, it is not necessary. However, in nearly all of the cases that Just Resolutions mediates the parties are represented by attorneys.
Q. Is it necessary to have an attorney to participate in an arbitration?
A. Yes. Since an arbitration is a formal proceeding and functions under formal rules of procedure, Just Resolutions requires that all parties to an arbitration be represented by counsel.
Q. What is the difference between a formal arbitration, a mediation and a settlement conference?
A. An arbitration is a formal hearing and consists of one or more triers of fact who hear testimony, usually under oath, and then make a decision at the end of the hearing, similar to a court trial. A mediation is less formal than an arbitration and it consists of one mediator, in this case J. Justin Ripley. If successful, the parties to mediation have agreed at the conclusion to the terms of the settlement rather than having a decision made for them. No witnesses are called and offers are relayed between the parties by the mediator. A settlement conference is the same as a mediation. It is a term that is primarily used by the court. For more detailed information, please visit our mediation and arbitration pages.

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